Final Report 2017

Australian Government and Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT)

Cullen, T. (2017). Journalism capstone units: Capstone units for journalism programmes to facilitate the demonstration of graduate capabilities

Final Report 2017


National Teaching Fellowship

The Australian National Learning and Teaching Fellowship validation paper on agreed models, principles and skills for the use of  journalism capstone units in Australian Universities can be assessed by clicking or download here: journalism-capstone-units_-jeraa

The recommendations were accepted by the Executive membership of the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) on 17th December, 2016. ( see attachment jeraa-letter-for-capstone-units-project-2016)

Click this link to access the latest journal article on the Fellowship, especially the process and outcomes;dn=599272065831825;res=IELHSS

For background information on Capstone units – please view the links under the “Key Capstone Documents” menu.

The aim of this OLT National Teaching Fellowship was to produce agreed graduate outcomes, principles and best practice to inform the development of journalism capstone units for use among Australian universities that offer undergraduate journalism degrees and majors.

Currently, 30 universities in Australia teach journalism, and roughly one-third of them officially use at least one journalism capstone unit in their undergraduate program. From September 2015 to June 2016, I conducted face-to-face interviews with journalism educators at 18 universities in 5 States to discover what they understood by the term “capstone”, the type of capstone(s) they used and the skills they wanted their students to demonstrate.

Discussion Paper

The first draft of a discussion paper on Journalism Capstone units in Australian Universities will be circulated for feedback in late June.

It will include feedback and examples of best-practice based on face-to-face interviews with Journalism educators at 16 universities in Australia.